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Growing up with Tecomec

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People make the difference.

Tecomec believes in the value of training to ensure professional and personal growth to its people.

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#Communication Project

"You cannot not communicate, and what is not communicated does not exist"

In an expanding team, Tecomec has recognized the importance of working on #transversal skills, acknowledging them as fundamental elements for working well and better.
Foremost among these is communication.

Tecomec invests time and resources in continuous, cross-functional, and intergenerational training on effective communication and public speaking, based on classroom courses and experiential elements. The management is empowered to disseminate communication best practices and, in turn, included in training programs with a focus on continuous improvement.

Good communication is the key to success at any age.
Communication is a skill that can be learned, and Tecomec continues to encourage its development.

#Tecomecpeople #Communication

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#Future Project

"Dear Tecomec of the future..."

How do we want our company to be in 2, 5, or 10 years?
What future do we envision for Tecomec?
This was the question that accompanied the young group of Tecomec during the Christmas Event and will shape our short and medium-term plans.
It was a presentation event for the entire Tecomec team, where the young employees took center stage. They shared who they are, why they chose Tecomec, and the results and objectives achieved in their roles. It was a fun, interactive, but above all, challenging speech.

The young employees left a letter to the President and CEO to collaborate with the management and the entire team in building a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable company. Needless to say, the work has already begun and involves both young and senior members sitting together at the same table, continuously exchanging knowledge and skills.


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#Junioremployees Project

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room"

Who are we? Who do we want to be?
We asked it to our youngest members, who have been the protagonists of an Employee Value Proposition project.
It is important to let young people speak their minds to understand together who they are, who is Tecomec and what it can become thanks to the contribution of all its members.

#Tecomecpeople #Employerbranding #Brandambassador

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#Leadership Project

"Being a leader means being able to also those people who does not depend on us to achieving the objectives"

All our managers have been the protagonists of a project where they got inputs and tools to learn how to make people growth, to realize and understand what talents they have and what are the talents of their teams.

#Leadership #Professionaltraining #Selfefficacy

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#Digital Project

"Interactions are the basis for any organizational process"

How do we interact? How do we work? What tools do we rely on? How can we get more consciousness about our dynamics of interaction?
We started from this and we faced an analysis to understand how we work and communicate. The result was a training and information plan about tools, processes, responsibilities, involving any member of Tecomec team.

#interactiveorganization #trust #mindset #tools #waysofworking

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Learning and always inquire.

Opportunities are not addressed to employees only.
Tecomec has recently undertaken several collaborations with different organizations to allow future talents to enter and explore the world of work.

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#Tecomecopportunities Project

Cooperating with people that are investing in their own path is a wealth for us. This is the reason why our team does not involve only Tecomec Employees but also all those who decide to have in Tecomec a professionally educational experience: internships, stages, school-work alternance.

Unemployment and the mismatch between supply and demand in the labour market, schools nowadays ask to the companies to become their educational partners, by offering practical training on their working fields.
The aim of this initiative is the one of developing an effective learning method, in line with what the world outside demands and market with students’ attitudes and desires at the same time.

Internship is an important step for students’ professional and personal growth, it is an opportunity to practice what they learnt thanks to their studies and to learn on site at the same time, in a given working context.

Every year we offer to graduating students the possibility to develop a dissertation project in our company, welcoming and suggesting projects to allow students to put into practice what they learnt during their academic studies.

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Ask for further information

Are you looking for a training opportunity? Are you interested to have a working experience in Tecomec? Send us your application!
If you wish to receive further information and know more about the opportunities we offer, please write to

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