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#TecomecPeople, who we are

We are a multigenerational team working in a fast-growing, dynamic, international and stable company. Our aim is to ensure professional growth and wellbeing to all the members of our team, taking care of the relationships within the community.

We firmly believe that trust is a core value in the relationship between the company and its people. It is the key for a successful company which goes arm in arm with the search for personal and professional satisfaction of its team.

We believe and encourage individual responsibility, exchange between generations, and a new relationship between individuals and organization.

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A leading company in its field.

An internationally important company, because of its global footprint.

A positive reality in the industrial field of Reggio Emilia, as a result of its constant growth and expansion in the last 10/15 years.

A reliable company working for important brands.

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#TecomecValues, our Values

In 2021 Tecomec community investigated the value of being part of Tecomec Team thanks to an analysis involving any of its members.
Accordint to us these are the values that Tecomec offers to its people:

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Icon for Growth

In Tecomec growth starts from people.
We believe in the importance of learning, teaching, sharing to face all professional and relational challenges

Icon for Inclusion

It means that each individual of our team is involved and enhanced.
People are the true source of creativity and development. In a relationship driven by trust and cooperation.

Icon for Innovation

It’s the driver which stimulates our team and leads our business and work.
Innovation means progress at wellness at the same time.

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A young and dynamic company, a high quality working environment, offering the possibility to its employees to learn and to grow professionally.

A dynamic and innovative company.

A reliable company with good growth prospects.