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The Tecomec Group is a relatively young company but, thanks to its specific skills, it can boast an excellent level of knowledge and production capacity.

Research and development of new products are one of our most important characteristics and most part of investments are destined to this area.

Tecomec designs, develops and produces its items paying special attention to innovation and quality.
This has made it possible for us, over the years, to file many patents and introduce items that have become a point of reference on the market.
Every year, Tecomec presents new items for each individual product division, extending and enriching its range.

Quality is Tecomec’s main business card.
The use of the latest leading-edge technologies improves the performance and reliability of its products, ensuring high quality standards in all four lines produced and distributed.
Tecomec offers top quality products, but also quality in terms of commercial and customer-oriented services, because behind the work of each operating unit, are not only skills and professionalism, but also passion and creativity, dedication to the company mission and individual imagination.